Why Dealers Should Embrace Digital Retailing

by Bill Wittenmeyer posted at 2/21/18 9:53 AM

All indicators point to 2018 as a milestone year for automotive digital retailing. Manufacturers including Ford, Toyota and BMW are working to develop products that allow customers to buy a … Read more

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Subscribe and Drive – Is Auto Subscription the Way of the Future?

by Kevin Frye posted at 2/20/18 5:31 PM

As modern-day consumers expect more flexibility for their transportation needs, does the traditional model of car ownership or leasing best meet their needs and expectations? Perhaps auto subscription is the … Read more

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How To Use The Law Of Reciprocity To Sell More Cars

by Wendell Hardy posted at 2/16/18 10:13 AM

Have you ever noticed that it’s easier to get people to do something for you after you’ve done something for them? Social psychologists call this the “Law of Reciprocity” and, … Read more

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Don’t Let Your People PRACTICE on REAL Customers!

by Sean V. Bradley, CSP posted at 2/12/18 2:03 PM

We have all heard that saying “Practice makes perfect.” Well, I am here to tell you that is a straight lie. Practice does NOT make “perfect.” If you are practicing … Read more

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