AutoDisrupter: The John Michael Montgomery Appointment Attempt (Digital Dealer Exclusive)

by Josh Mitchell posted at 4/19/18 9:28 AM

I make fun of reps during training when they do this but we have all done this. The lukewarm appointment attempt. It raises doubt and you lose credibility when this … Read more

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Negative Reviews Can be Sales Gold!

by Sara Callahan posted at 4/18/18 2:56 PM

Study after study finds that word-of-mouth is the single greatest influencer when it comes to sales. Providing a consistently excellent customer experience, then having those customers go out and tell … Read more

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Stop Listening to Conventional Wisdom and Start Listening to Your Website Visitors

by Contributing Writer posted at 4/13/18 9:54 AM

How would you describe the average visitor to your dealership website? If you are like many of the progressive auto dealerships we talk to every day, you will probably say … Read more

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Witt’s Wise Words: Authentic Sales

by Bill Wittenmeyer posted at 4/9/18 7:57 AM

In this week’s Witt’s Wise Words, ELEAD1ONE Partner Bill Wittenmyer gives multiple tips on how you can deliver that authentic sales experience.

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