Marketing vs. Content: It’s a Matter of Perspective

by Sara Callahan posted at 11/15/17 3:08 PM

In a world filled with noise, companies large and small are competing for consumer attention. Your message needs to be relevant, or the consumer will simply tune you out. Of … Read more

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Master Video Fundamentals Before Going Social

by Tim James posted at 11/9/17 7:16 AM

When I talk to dealers about video marketing, one question I get asked a lot is “What about social?” In particular the marketing folks want to know what types of … Read more

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The Data Doesn’t Lie: Shocking Discoveries In Automotive Attribution

by Steve White posted at 11/7/17 9:00 AM

By Steve White and David Metter One of the hottest topics for dealers today is attribution – and it’s been a long time coming! Technology now exists which finally allows … Read more

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What’s your SMS strategy?

by Paul Potratz posted at 11/3/17 3:57 PM

Have you considered utilizing a mobile SMS campaign? Companies like Warby Parker and Chipotle have developed SMS marketing strategies that engage customers in a fun and convenient way, while simultaneously … Read more

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