#Freebie Fridays: Email Is Not Dead

by Bill Wittenmeyer posted at 8/17/18 7:48 AM

The rules of email marketing have changed. ELEAD1ONE Partner Bill Wittenmyer explains the importance of targeted, relevant email content in this edition of Freebie Fridays.

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Why QR Codes Failed: A Conversation of Relevance

by John Wingle posted at 8/17/18 7:42 AM

A recent blog article by myKaarma CEO & Founder Ujj Nath, posing a great question, “Are QR codes  a technology asset or failure?” motivated me to respond with my own … Read more

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Are You Lonely in Your Communication with Customers?

by Todd Smith posted at 8/16/18 10:07 AM

Somewhere in the North Pacific Ocean, there lives a whale that cannot communicate with other whales. You see, whales communicate via sub-sonic vocal sounds. Most whales communicate in the 15-25 … Read more

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How to Humanize Your Dealership with Video

by Sarah Epstein posted at 8/16/18 9:58 AM

The automotive industry spends more on video to build our brands than any other industry except travel – even more than media and entertainment.[i] The heavy spend, though, makes it … Read more

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