Who’s Looking Out for the Dealer?

by Paula Tompkins posted at 4/19/18 3:47 PM

“Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black” – Henry Ford, 1909 A lot has happened in the automotive dealership … Read more

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Is Facebook Marketing Still a Valuable Strategy? Absolutely.

by Scot Eisenfelder posted at 4/18/18 9:10 AM

Recently Facebook announced that it will stop using data from third-party data aggregators to supplement its own data that it uses for ad targeting. What does this mean for car … Read more

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How Localized Programmatic Advertising Can Work for Dealerships

by Contributing Writer posted at 4/17/18 3:34 PM

The auto buyer’s path to purchasing a new car is extended and complex. There are 24 average touchpoints, 19 of which are digital (Google). In order to reach an engaged … Read more

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Think Tank: What CEOs Could Learn From Reality TV

by Paul Potratz posted at 4/16/18 11:04 AM

While it may seem like reality TV comes up empty-handed in terms of educational programming, it did teach us something very interesting about what consumers considers valuable. Companies and their … Read more

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