Witt’s Wise Words: Recalls Bring Opportunity

by Bill Wittenmeyer posted at 9/18/17 9:17 AM

In this week’s episode of Witt’s Wise Words, Bill Wittenmyer discusses recalls and the opportunities that exist in your dealership to capitalize on them while helping your customers.

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Hard Facts: Another Reason to Record

by Paul Potratz posted at 9/16/17 8:27 AM

Still trying to figure out which way to film your Facebook videos? Then maybe it’s time to move your efforts over to another social platform… LinkedIn. As a newly added … Read more…

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Tappable Sitelinks Are Here! How Will This Affect Your Advertisements?

by Shaun Raines posted at 9/15/17 1:43 PM

Sitelinks are a Google AdWords staple. They take users to specific pages within your site, allowing searchers to find exactly what they’re looking for. I’ve always been a big fan … Read more…

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What The Game of Thrones & OEMs Have in Common – the Faceless Man

by Arnold Tijerina posted at 9/14/17 9:16 AM

In the uber-popular television series (and books… which are way better), The Game of Thrones, there exists Arya Stark. She develops from a high-born girl into a trained assassin whose … Read more…

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