It Was a Connected Vehicle, Now it’s a Cognitive Vehicle

by Digital Dealer posted at 6/18/18 10:37 AM

 The automotive industry first started connecting to customers when OnStar was introduced in 1996. Today we are starting to see what is defined as the Cognitive Vehicle, or what … Read more

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Training VS Coaching: Do Your Sales Managers REALLY Know the Difference?

by Digital Dealer posted at 6/18/18 10:32 AM

 The differences between training and coaching are vast and mostly misunderstood. Until this amazingly informative session was co-created by a world-class trainer, and a top auto industry coach. Training … Read more

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Don’t Go Breaking Your Customer’s Heart!

by Sara Callahan posted at 6/12/18 10:27 AM

When it comes to earning business, the customer experience has become a key differentiator. These days, sales and service customers tend to choose convenience and experience over pricing. In fact, … Read more

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Broken Links Lead to Broken Relationships

by Contributing Writer posted at 6/11/18 4:43 PM

When I had the opportunity to move into the role of internet director at a Ford dealership in Escondido, I was excited about the responsibility, and of course, the pay … Read more

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