Are You Lonely in Your Communication with Customers?

by Todd Smith posted at 8/16/18 10:07 AM

Somewhere in the North Pacific Ocean, there lives a whale that cannot communicate with other whales. You see, whales communicate via sub-sonic vocal sounds. Most whales communicate in the 15-25 … Read more

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Welcome to the El Patronn Show

by David Deal posted at 8/15/18 12:26 PM

The face of Brooklyn Mitsubishi, the top-selling Mitsubishi dealership in the Northeast, is an outgoing and kinetic man who goes by the name El Patronn. El Patronn is the managing … Read more

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I Do My Best Poof Reading After I Hit Send

by Sara Callahan posted at 8/15/18 8:23 AM

We’ve all seen it happen. In fact, chances are really good that you’ve done it yourself — posted that Facebook status update, sent that text message, or that e-mail and … Read more

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Your “Conflicted Agency” – Losing Sales, Wasting Money, Helping the Competition

by Digital Dealer posted at 8/14/18 2:59 PM

In the old days, the dealership would have never hired the same traditional ad agency as their local rival dealer. So why do dealers give up their one true competitive advantage – digital advertising – to conflicted digital marketing agencies which are serving your competitors?

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