You’re Not Going to Create Brand Loyalty with Urgency

by Michael Gorun posted at 12/12/17 3:09 AM

For many marketers, most consumer messages have long been based on some sort of sense of urgency. Take dealerships, for example. Even when the customer is in the dealership, everything … Read more

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Freebie Fridays: Don’t Hire The Unicorns

by Bill Wittenmeyer posted at 12/8/17 9:15 AM

Bill Wittenmyer says “there is no perfect employee” and discusses why you should focus more on hiring the perfect person as opposed to the perfect employee in this week’s Freebie … Read more

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Your Limitation Is Not What You Don’t Have, It’s What You’re Not Using.

by Chuck Barker posted at 12/5/17 3:11 PM

It’s Time to Shift from Potential to Kinetic Thinking Those of you who know me have heard me tell this story before and I feel it is so worth repeating … Read more

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What Real Commitment Looks Like

by Dave Anderson posted at 12/5/17 3:01 PM

In 20 years of teaching LearnToLead seminars in 17 countries, across multiple industries—both for profit and non-profit—I’ve concluded that one of the least understood, most overused declarations from a performer … Read more

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