Service Department Communication in the 21st Century

by Contributing Writer posted at 11/16/17 2:11 PM

Alexander Graham Bell, credited with inventing the telephone in 1876, showcased his remarkable invention with the first-ever phone call to Thomas Watson, his assistant, who was in another room. In … Read more

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Warranty Claims and Internal Debits: Stop the Madness!

by Ujj Nath posted at 11/13/17 7:56 AM

Let’s cut to the chase. Internal debits from warranty claims are costing dealerships $100,000+ a year. And, with larger high-volume dealerships, this amount can be dramatically higher. Whether your dealership … Read more

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Getting More from your DMS DOC

by Sandi Jerome posted at 11/8/17 8:32 PM

The DOC (Daily Operating Control) is a DMS report that is rather unique to our industry. Other businesses tend to evaluate their performance quarterly, or even annually.  The DOC creates … Read more

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The Key to Modern Customer Loyalty

by Michael Gorun posted at 11/7/17 9:04 AM

As times change, so do consumer desires. What hasn’t changed are the fundamental business practices which have led to customer loyalty for hundreds of years. That small shop owner in … Read more

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