Tennessee Gets a New Recall Law and Consumers Aren’t Happy!

by Chris Miller posted at 2/15/18 10:50 AM

January 1 saw the enactment of Tennessee House Bill 141, to the collective groan of consumers. In a nutshell, this new law prevents consumers from suing car dealers if they … Read more

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The Future of Service: A World Without Paper

by Ujj Nath posted at 2/13/18 9:44 AM

If you haven’t noticed, a revolution is happening in our society. More and more businesses are going paperless. Airlines issue boarding passes via, email, text message or through a mobile … Read more

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EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt: Growing Business and Protecting the Environment

by Charlie Polston posted at 2/12/18 2:24 PM

“What is true environmentalism? The Obama administration told us you can’t be about jobs and growth and protect the environment. I simply reject that! We can do both,” according to … Read more

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Payplan? I Donno It – I Just Get A Check Dude

by Ed Kovalchick posted at 2/12/18 1:56 PM

 As you would probably surmise, I get called in often when departments are losing money – usually big dough. The onset of a typical rebuild is launched by examining personnel … Read more

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