Plugging In: How Electric Vehicles Could Impact Your Service Department

by Chris Miller posted at 4/18/18 12:55 PM

Love him or hate him, Tesla’s Elon Musk is brilliant. As both a businessman and a marketer, he has created a loyal following of brand advocates – some of whom … Read more

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The Growing Gap Between Retail and Automotive Customer Experience

by Doug Van Sach posted at 4/17/18 10:13 AM

Doug Van Sach explains the growing gap between retailers and automotive consumer experience in this video blog.

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Yield Management: What We Can Learn From Airlines

by Scot Eisenfelder posted at 4/11/18 10:55 AM

If you have flown recently there are two inescapable and related facts: (1) nearly every seat is full and (2) nearly every seat is priced differently. This is because airlines … Read more

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“Why status-quo” is a mindset that will Kill your Dealership

by Ujj Nath posted at 4/11/18 10:51 AM

If you’ve been in the retail automotive industry for any length of time, you’ve seen how inaction is thought to be the best course of action. With today’s evolving retail … Read more

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