One Small Step Is a Good Start to a Long Journey

by Chris Miller posted at 6/22/18 10:01 AM

It’s a sad fact that current recall repair compliance rates are so abysmal. Most dealers know it., the Feds know it, state governments know it, and the manufacturers know it. … Read more

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The Link Between Electronic MPIs and Unsold Service

by Scot Eisenfelder posted at 6/21/18 7:55 AM

On average, dealers capture just half of the necessary service work that needs to be performed on vehicles that come into their service lanes. This is a big leakage point … Read more

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Want to Maintain Your Shining Reputation? Follow These Reminders to Prevent Selling A Lemon

by Contributing Writer posted at 6/20/18 2:56 PM

As a professional, who sells new or pre-owned vehicles to customers every day, you have a lot of responsibilities. Not only are you responsible for selling a car that your … Read more

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Why AI Still Requires Humans

by Ujj Nath posted at 6/17/18 3:55 PM

In this video blog, Ujj Nath shares why AI will never completely replace humans.

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