The State of Customer Loyalty

by Michael Gorun posted at 7/25/17 9:08 AM

Colloquy just came out with its Annual Loyalty Census Report which informs retailers about top loyalty trends. The data in this report (which you can download free at the link … Read more…

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Google’s 5 Auto Shopping Moments: Part 5 – Am I Getting a Good Deal (VIDEO)

by Tim James posted at 7/20/17 8:11 PM

Flick Fusion COO Tim James continues explaining Google’s 5 Auto Shopping Moments that Every Brand Must Own in the fifth and final installment of this series.

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Lot Party Tip 30: Where Are You at Price to Market? (VIDEO)

by Jasen Rice posted at 7/18/17 1:42 PM

In this Lot Party tip, Jasen Rice discusses where dealers are at price to market and where they should be.

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The Writing Is on The Wall

by Alan Ram posted at 7/14/17 3:44 PM

I have a friend who is in his early 50’s and has been enjoying the hell out of life. Whereas every day, I myself want to eat doughnuts and chicken … Read more…

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