A Simple Way to Test CRM Sourcing by your Salespeople

by Steve White posted at 3/29/17 8:50 AM

When it comes to marketing attribution, there’s one vital activity that even the most advanced algorithms and technology cannot interpret – inaccurate human input. While no CRM system

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Five Critical Micro-Moments for a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

by Tim James posted at 3/28/17 3:30 PM

In a recent study titled “Winning the Moments Before Your Dealership,” Google outlined five critical moments buyers encounter on their online journey to your dealership. For any marketing strategy

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Think Tank Tuesday : You’ve Been Focusing on the Wrong Analytics! [VIDEO]

by Paul Potratz posted at 3/28/17 2:36 PM

So many times business owners focus on the conversion or lead factor of their analytics. While this provides some insight into how successful your marketing campaign in, there’s one

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Top Audiences You Should Be Targeting on Facebook to Sell More Cars

by Digital Dealer posted at 3/28/17 10:40 AM

April 27, 2017 :: Facebook and Instagram are continuing to grow and as an advertising medium they have become established as significant source of generating leads for dealers.

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