Hard Facts: Recruitment vs. Hiring: What You Need To Know! [VIDEO]

by Paul Potratz posted at 8/18/17 3:18 PM

Recruitment and hiring are two things that are often mistaken for one in the same. As a business owner or manager within an organization, it’s important to know these differences … Read more…

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#FreebieFridays: Mentoring and Leadership [VIDEO]

by Bill Wittenmeyer posted at 8/18/17 8:49 AM

ELEAD1ONE Partner Bill Wittenmyer reminds us why mentoring those around us results in big payoffs in the long run in this Freebie Friday quick tip for Automotive Dealers. Want more … Read more…

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3 Reasons Why You Overpay Your Worst People

by Contributing Writer posted at 8/16/17 11:13 AM

Until dealers move to a non-negotiation system and consumers start buying 100% of their cars online, there is still an opportunity for anyone to make an above average income in … Read more…

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Witt’s Wise Words: BDC vs BFC

by Bill Wittenmeyer posted at 8/14/17 12:02 PM

ELEAD1ONE partner Bill Wittenmyer explains the difference between a dealership having a Business Development Center versus a Business Follow-Up Center.

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