What Leaders Get Is in Direct Proportion to What They Give

by Chuck Barker posted at 3/1/17 8:00 AM

My last two articles covered conversations I had with Don Hall the CEO of Virginia Automobile Dealers’ Association which provided a multitude of revealing insights regarding our industry.

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Accountability is Your Duty

by Dave Anderson posted at 3/1/17 8:00 AM

By definition, someone that leads is expected to “go in front; to show the way.” A key to leading by the right personal example—showing the way—is holding people accountable for behaviors

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How to Effectively Apply Consequences

by Dave Anderson posted at 2/1/17 8:00 AM

In today’s pampered age and increasingly politically correct climate, “applying consequences” has somehow become perceived as harsh, unfair, or as demonstrating excessive intolerance.

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3 Tips to Make Your Next BIG Change Yield BIG Results

by Alex Abramovich posted at 1/9/17 4:07 PM

Change is the only constant since the beginning of time. Yet, it remains one of the most difficult things to do for the majority of people and businesses.

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