You CAN Argue with Success

by Dave Anderson posted at 6/1/17 8:00 AM

In an episode of my podcast, The Game Changer Life, I talked about workplace “undertakers.” These team members fit into two primary categories:

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The Truth About "Servant Leadership"

by Dave Anderson posted at 5/8/17 9:24 AM

Servant leadership isn’t a new topic by any stretch, but was popularized in modern culture with the classic book on the subject by Robert Greenleaf four decades ago. After speaking in sixteen countries

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Five Ways to "Win the Locker Room"

by Dave Anderson posted at 4/1/17 9:00 AM

“Losing the locker room” is not a condition limited to athletic teams. Any leader engaging in destructive, selfish, or other counter-productive behaviors risks losing the hearts, minds

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How To Size Up The Automotive Market And Write Effective Job Descriptions

by Candice Crane posted at 3/27/17 3:51 PM

Whether your dealership is growing or looking to combat turnover, it’s important to take a strategic look at the automotive talent pool. Specifically, consider opening your search beyond applicants

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