Witt’s Wise Words: Effective Strategies to Replenish Pre-Owned Used Car Inventory [VIDEO]

by Bill Wittenmeyer posted at 5/24/17 8:49 AM

ELEAD1ONE partner Bill Wittenmyer shares an effective, easy-to-implement strategy for maximizing profits and replenishing the pre-owned vehicle inventory at your dealership.

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Why are Consumers So Ambivalent about Bringing Recalled Vehicles into Your Dealership?

by Chris Miller posted at 5/12/17 12:05 PM

There are currently more than 63 million recalled vehicles still on US roads and highways, which is surprising when you consider that recall repairs are at no cost to the consumer.

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3 Quick Tips for Handling Declined Service

by Tim Clay posted at 5/12/17 10:45 AM

Service customers frequently decline some, or all the recommended services, which can be very frustrating to advisors. While it shouldn’t be a service advisor’s job to “find” things to recommend,

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Witt’s Wise Words: Change The Word Change The Result [VIDEO]

by Bill Wittenmeyer posted at 5/11/17 11:20 AM

ELEAD1ONE partner Bill Wittenmyer shares insight into how to set service advisors up for success with a few small terminology changes that will positively impact consumer experience

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